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"First of all, Xzibit lyrics must be mentioned: as long as Iíve known Xzibitís rhymes, Iíve seldom heard an MC that was so down-to-earth, so hardcore a" the rest
"Gifted lyricist Young MC, he's been out there for a while, well, since the beginning now he drops with this album Engage the Enzymes. 1) Intro 2" the rest
"As my second favorite THE CHRONIC, with its stylish, sonically detailed production, Dr. Dre's 1992 solo debut The Chronic transformed the entire sound" the rest
"Eminem hit a career downfall with this album, for the first time it feels like, one of his singles didn't stay deep in the charts. Well, this did kind" the rest
"Lets go track by track The CD warms up with "Nellyville", a song about a perfect city in which all the youngsters are born with five hundred G's to" the rest
"This dude looks like he's of Asian descent, probably one of the first Asain rappers I ever heard if he is, but that don't matter, all that matter if t" the rest
"The rabble-rousing Brownsville, Brooklyn, crew's fourth release is a heavy machete cutting through the forest of clones of the hip-hop field. A Moloto" the rest
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GZA is a member from the Wu-Tang clan and a good friend of Eminem, Onyx, RZA and DMX.He Realised the soundtrack from the movies " The Way From The Sam

KRS-One is the founder from the East Side Music and make a good rapper with Nas Escobar, Redman and DMX.He Product the Mobb Deep's Albums.He's the god

Heltah Skeltah
Show me what's shadow pimp i am .. Johnny Blaze is Method Man.Are You Ready For the Wu-Tang Soldier, Respect me rap boy i'm eastsidaz. Heltah Skelt

Scarface quickly became the South's most admired rapper and remained so throughout the '90s after breaking away from the Geto Boys to launch his solo

Busta Rhymes
The most idiosyncratic personality in rap and possessor of its most recognizable delivery, a halting, ragga-inspired style with incredible complexity,
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